9:46 am, May 24, 2015

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  • More election year politics
    A report comes out just before the election saying Feds are paid too little. Who would imagine that the President's Federal Salary Council stuffed with federal employee union representatives would conclude such a thing right now. Reelection at any cost. Trust us, there is no need to compete for commercial work based on cost or performance.
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  • Well then...
    Go vote for your boy Romney! I am sure you'll get exactly what you ask for! And the council has a mandated time-line. Election had nothing to do with it Poindexter! Go get a life!
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  • Pay Gap Between Public Sector/Private Sector Workers
    Citizen Barker
    So... let me get this straight: You folks just ran an article where the main premise is proven false by ever single "additional information" link you yourselves provide? Hmm... Anyone watch "Mad Men?" Back in Season One they made a point to reference how the pay of the "associates" was low... BUT... that they pretty much enjoyed unlimited expense accounts that they could use for all their personal dining and drinking expenses. So... it's 1960... who wins, the guy making $75/week while racking up an additional $75/week in expense account perk spending... or the guy making a straight (taxable) $100/week? My point... even comparing "private to private" the perks and benefits matter a great deal. When it comes to government vs. private... for the average "worker" as opposed to the big-shots? Com'on... why run a misleading story such as this one - even if you do have the integrity to at least steer readers to the truth? I just don't get it.
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  • Federal Pay
    Why in the world would a federal employee stay in government work if he/she could get 34% more by just quitting and taking a private sector job? Federal employees are eight times less likely to quit than their private sector counterparts and many times less likely to be canned! Common sense says that in light of the above figures the 34% pay gap favoring private sector employment is nothing but pure unadulterated myth! Lies, darned lies and statistics!
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  • Why?
    Sam B
    Because some people actually believe in the mission and serving the public regardless of the paycheck.
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  • LOL
    Richard Hertz
    You obviously haven't spent much time roaming the halls of a gov't agency. There isn't much "serving the public" going on in most. Also, why is it somehow more noble to "serve the public" from the saintly halls of a gov't agency than from an office in a private business? In my experience, in both the private sector and the gov't sector, the private sector is the one serving the public (if they didn't they'd go bankrupt) while the gov't sector is busy screwing the public.
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  • Two things
    Sam B
    First, you're right. I haven't spent much time "roaming the halls" of an agency. On the contrary, I have spent plenty of time working at my desk in a government agency. I wonder what job you have where you can roam the halls all day critiquing the work ethics of others. Second, the private sector exists to serve investors and shareholders. Not the public. If they had the public interests in mind, the private sector would eliminate unemployment, give everyone free healthcare, etc. But they don't, they slash jobs, they slash costs... to serve the shareholders.
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  • Pay gap fantasy
    No one in their right mind believes - with the exception of Federal employee unions - that there is a 34 percent average pay "gap" between Federal and private sector pay. The BLS methodology used in collecting and interpreting raw payroll data for comparative analysis has long been widely viewed as flawed, which has resulted in the President's Pay Agent's annual ritual of rejecting the Federal Salary Council's recommendations for annual locality pay adjustment for every year since the locality pay process, established under the 1990 FEPCA legislation, was first formally implemented in January 1994. To put forward such an assertion with a straight face just proves the unreality of the whole process, and only makes for heightened public cynicism on the highly contentious issue of whether or not Federal employees have an edge over the private sector when it comes to compensation.
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  • Criminal
    Public Sector workers should never get paid even what privete sector workers get paid Public service workers should feel sacrifice so they do not stay in those jobs. This kind of gap is theft.
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  • Make room for you, huh Jack?
    That's the mentality of a HS graduate. Keep applying, the governmnet janitor job will open again eventually.
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