5:37 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Talk about, it's about time!
    First I would like to know which Federal employees make $230K? These are the people Congress should have gone after instead of Federal employees, contractors and the Feds who make 230K (If in fact they exist, they are not Federal employees, but political appointees.) Who are these contractors? They are the representatives of the same companies (primarily defense contractors) who have our Congress and our military aristocracy in their pockets. I'm sure this will be the end of this conversation. I'll bet contractors won't be touched in our lifetime.
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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    I used to be a defense contractor for the Navy in DC for 5 years, altogether was 10 years. My salary before I was laid off was $49k, I was a Program Analyst. I loved my job only because I loved working for the Navy, my boss kept using the excuse that I didn't have a college degree when I showed interest in positions at the WNY. He noted the Program Manager wanted degrees, I later found out he was full of it. To me, working for the Navy was the best and always will be. I do know this, contractors prefer degrees because they can demand more money for them. Even though I had tenure, those who were newly hired graduates with no Navy experience at all were placed in positions ahead of me. Maybe the gov't should knock contractors down a few steps on the ladder, tell contractors to stop paying high salaries and requiring degrees for positions that don't require degrees.
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  • Psst! Government. Stop Micromanaging
    Mike McMike
    When you buy something pay for the end result. Stop telling contractors how many people of what type they need to commit. Just compete the work and define the results desired! If Americans knew how much money is wasted every year by the Government trying to define appropriate rates by labor category, they would revolt! Let markets do their thing.
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  • Psst! It's called protecting the public interest
    Just me
    The government has a duty to determine if the price they pay, for the service they receive, is fair and reasonable. If you want to "let the market do its thing" feel free to compete for work with PRIVATE companies. If they are willing to pay these bloated overhead costs then they are free to do so, because the money won't be coming out of the pockets of TAXPAYERS.
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  • Do Labor Union Presidents have capped salaries?
    Has Congress or anyone for that matter done a detailed investigation into the obscene executive salaries and pensions for the hundreds of large non-profit Labor Unions? And compared their salaries to the wages of their Union members? hint: it ain't pretty.
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  • not a pay _cap_
    Jerry A.
    1. This is not a pay cap. This is proposing a limit to how much the government will compensate a business for their executive salaries. If the company wants to pay their executives more, then the company has to get the money from other work. 2. The government is not paying union salaries, so bringing that in is a totally unrelated ridiculous distraction.
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  • $763K/yr shows how bad its gotten
    Honest Broker
    I work for an acquisition organization and capping contractor salaries at $230K would only plug one of the many holes in the leaking dam. Here are 4 ways to help stop wasted taxpayer dollars: 1 - Go back to fixed price contracts 2 - Go back to fixed rate services contracts or just make them all Govt since they sound like they will be indefinite 3 - Stop Govt to Contractor retirement jobs 4 - Govt contractors cannot contribute to campaigns The Government needs to stick with fixed price contracts and only use service ones if they are short term or very specialized. The other major step needs to stop the Government to Contractor retirement job bribe incentive. It's so prevalent at my organization that they have a check box as the employ goes through the retirement checkout list. We litterally see someone retire on Friday and then return on Monday at the same job, so they make more money and the Government pays an extra 50 to 75 percent more. I have been approached by soon to retire supervisory and senior personnel pitching the use of a particular company. These senior personnel have constant closed door and offsite meetings with these companies, which need to be open and recorded or just not at all. They no longer have signature blocks on the contract agreements for supervisors to avoid a legal conflict of interest, but they sure do base promotions on who uses the right company. Finally, if a company does Govt business it cannot contribute to Federal politician campaign funds. Its misuse of tax dollars.
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