6:18 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • "The buck stops here" mantra
    So first Mrs. Clinton "takes responsibility" for the security fiasco in Benghazi and then the President seeks to reprise his predecessor, Harry S. Truman, in quoting Truman's famous desk plaque. What exactly does either really mean here? Of course, the very fact of their holding the offices they do means that they are accountable ultimately for the actions - good, bad, or indifferent - of their subordinates, but what specific consequences should follow now that the sorry but true story of the lax security situation at the Benghazi consulate has come ever sooooo slowly out into the open? Senate Democrats tried to assign blame to Republicans for not providing more funds for diplomatic security, saying that they prevented beefing up security because funds were unavailable. Yet funds were evidently available to increase the compensation of State Department employees assigned to Libyan duty stations by 30 percent last summer, which seems to represent a disconnect in the finger-pointing regarding security-related funding availability. Someone at a very high level at State decided to put the money into Libyan-stationed bureaucrats' pay rather than invest in a more robust - and desperately needed - security regimen. The fact is that the folks at Foggy Bottom, where the State Department headquarters vegetates, simply blew it despite clear intelligence that the the situation in Benghazi was volatile and potentially very violent. So beyond the pro forma mea culpas, which will quickly be sent down the media's "memory hole" (don't want to rain on the parade of Mrs. Clinton all-but-certain pursuit of her party's presidential nomination in 2016, doncha' know), what else in the way of accountability consequences will come out of all of this? The answer appears to be nothing much.
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  • Embassy attack.
    I was under the impression that the security for the embassy had been contracted out. I wonder what might have been if the Marines had been running it.
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