10:28 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Unfair !
    A 1.7% COLA after none is too small of a contribution to help federal retirees cope with the ever increasing costs of necessities just to maintain their life: -Health Care -Heating, Cooling, Electricity, Gasoline -Food These people served our country and we should be doing our best to honor their service. However, our government gives away billions of tax payer dollars to the auto industry, banking industry, foreign governments, and fruitless wars.
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  • And bread-and-circuses rabble who didn't earn anything.
    The Original Joe S
    I'm glad they clarified that it also applies to CSRS. I wasn't wearing my "FLIPPING IDIOT" sign on my forehead when they tried to get us to sign up for the new scroo-you-with-less-benefits Jimmy Peanut system. Some of us did the math, and, considering all other things, found that it wasn't beneficial to sign up for the National Socialistic Ponzi Scheme and other detrimental aspects. When they tell you they have a "NEW, IMPROVED" thing for you, it's bound to be a proctological exam. They actually had the NERVE to advertise that buying savings bonds was a patriotic way to enable the government to borrow cheaply. Well, if they're getting away cheap, then who is getting humped? They borrow your money at a disadvantageous rate, and then they TAX you on the gains as well. Peace on them! Keep that check coming in every month like clockwork. My grandparents were all in their mid 90s. My Dad is now 87, and strong. ha ha ha.
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