11:23 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Collins is Shocked!
    Lisa Lisa
    Its a dog and pony show. These politicians and their "committees" are a farce. What is the point of being on committees-what is their function I would like to know? I find it a slap in the face that Collins is outraged and is just NOW finding out about the conference and bonus expenditures. If Congress would actually work instead of spending the last 2 yrs being on vacation more than working-she and others like her would have seen this long before. I find these committees useless. And I find it a joke that everytime S hits the fan, they go in to theatrics of demanding an investigation. Save it Collins. If you and your cronies in Congress would show up, roll up your sleeves for the good of this country and not to be at odds with the opposing party, we might actually take you serious. I am sick of Congress. All they have proven to me is that we dont need them. They are so disfunctional that the only thing they DO is nothing.
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