10:23 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Yearly Budget Crisis
    steve s.
    I have lost count when the Congress stopped its basic function of making a budget before the new Fiscal Year starts. Year after year of continuing resolution should make senators and congressmen should understand why public thinks so poorly of them and probably the government workers are also held in low esteem as a consequence. As a federal worker I would have been fired if I ignored the budget deadline which has become an annual event! I think we should wirte very strong protests to our senators and congressmen for dereliction this fundamental duty. May a few million letters from irate citizens would bring these so called "Honorable Senators and Congressmen" to realize that they are making America look pretty silly to the rest of the world since very few countries have this annual ritual!! DOE Fed
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  • Workplace Violence rules
    Norman's Mother
    don't apply to the military who verbally and physically abuse DoD civilians and contractors at will. Any civilian who submits to military dictatorship is totally sick. The military could care less about their civilian subordinate's careers; they're too busy working contacts to obtain cushy Defense contractor jobs.
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