7:08 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Going One Step Further
    Would someone forward a copy of this article to the American Legion to show support for Civilian Service Recognition Act of 2011, Public Law 112-73. The American Legion used their organization in a cowardly and deliberate manner to stop this from becoming law. Their reason was that only military members should have flags on their coffins. The American Legion's current leadership attacked this law to stall or eliminate this law. I might remind you that in just this year alone, in addition to the civil servants killed in the line of duty, their were also many US Deputy Marshals, Boarder Patrol and others killed in the line of duty. These fallen civil servants took an oath and the least we can do is honor their sacrifice.
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  • Going One Step Further
    Dennis Retiree
    Capt Midnight, I completely agree with your views expressed above. The American Legion should be ashamed of themselves for blocking this law. My father was in World War II, and he was wounded and received the Purple Heart. My dad never had much use for the American Legion. He felt that most of the American Legion Members were guys who didn't see much real action in World War II i.e desk jockeys. The guys who saw a great deal of action, wanted to forget about the war and get on with their lives. Here is my view. If a civilian Federal Employee is killed in the line of duty, I would put an American Flag on their casket with or without a change in the law. Granted it would not be an "official flag" from the US Government, but an American Flag would be most appropriate.
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  • My Brother, a former IRS employee
    My family and I just passed the 7 year mark of finding my brother in his home, dead. He had worked for the IRS and was temporarily working for FEMA helping the taxpayers from New Orleans after Katrina. He worked 6 days a weeks for a few weeks and decided to take a Saturday off because he wasn't feeling well. He was never seen alive again. Since he was working with people who didn't know him, they didn't think anything when he didn't show up for work on Monday. Neither did his supervisor, who was required to certify all employees time every week. Nine business days later, my sister received a call at home on her day off from his supervisor. The supervisor said he didn't show up for work that day (Thursday). My sister also worked in the same building. My sister found my brother in his home and he had been dead for close to 2 weeks. The only thing that happened to the supervisor was she was demoted. My brother might as well have been one of the dead bodies lying on the interstate in New Orleans. Imagine the headline "Federal employee missing for 2 weeks found dead." My brother was Catholic ( a religion that is the scourge of the government right now) and the only way we were allowed to have a Funeral Mass for him was to have him cremated, something we know he didn't want. So I want to say thank you to the supervisor for not doing her job and coming up with several different stories as to what happened. My family believes the first one. We know you were just CYAing after that. My brother taught classes at the IRS for new employees and received numberous cards of thanks from them. How often does that happen. He worked for his money. All the supervisor wanted to do was put him on LWOP. My mom knew better but it took a call from Washington D.C. to get it done. So thank you IRS for making what would of been a bad situation even worse.
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  • FEDS
    I'm retired IRS-36 years.Started at Gs-4/retired at GM-15.Was NTEU member,became manager.Managed up to 1200 including over 80 managers.If what you say is true,manager of your brother should have been demoted as happened,taken out of management,and suspended at least 45 days without pay.In a crisis like Katrina you better darn well know where your people are.
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  • Violence against feds
    And there was three others hurt when Reagan was shot and many hurt in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building.
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  • VA
    G Street
    Could see *workplace violence* at a VA hospital/clinic, esp. with 11 years of war.
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