6:18 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Message from the Director
    Electronic tagging actually sounds like a great idea, why aren't they using it? Cost? It has to be cheaper than all these people writing letters to the director who then get assigned to a group of people who do nothing but priority searches for files.
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  • Tagging
    Sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe it will be in place by the time I retire......Not!
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  • Retirement application delays
    Well, I guess the answer for all of those still waiting in the long queue to have their final retirement benefit calculated is to write to Mike Causey, who will in turn forward it on to Mr. Berry. A rather inefficent process at best, as it just moves up Richard P. to the head of the line (adding incrementally to the delay in processing the applications of those ahead of him in the queue) and does nothing to fix the problem of why there is a long queue in the first place. Mr. Berry only belatedly moved to take action on this long-festering problem two years ago after Congress had received a crescendo of complaints from constituents regarding the inordinate delays they were experiencing. He's now playing catch-up, primarily by expanding the numbers of retirement application examiners to manually process the paperword - again, a very inefficient process. OPM has tried unsuccessfully in the past to automate the proces, and we are promised that another such effort will be made at some undefined time in the future. Meanwhile the clock ticks.
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  • Retirement application delays
    My experience
    Jeremiah: I am perplexed by the bitter tone of your response. You have mistaken the purpose of my words. I merely suggest, being new to the process, that a more efficient form of customer relations could assist retirees during the retirement process. As far as my individual case is concerned I verified my service records and worked with my agency specialist before leaving, so my case should progress without incident. So my letters were about the process not my individual case. As a career civil servant I would be remiss if I did not comment on this experience and suggest a solution for those that will come behind me. I performed processing duties in my career and understand the nature of the system, as well as, the anxiety of a client waiting for the processing to be completed. Finally, the quick response that I received illustrates that such methodology can work.
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  • Reason for delays?
    Taxpayer Too
    Maybe, just maybe, the reason why it takes months to get our retirement is tht the money really isn't there for us and OPM has to go look for the money that's someplace else (like robbing from Peter to pay Paul). Kind of like Social Security. I've never heard many complaints from people that apply for Social Security as it seems that money comes fast complared to our pensions.
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  • Reason For Delays
    Perhaps the root cause is the inability to hire the "best and brightest" in the job market today? Can you blame them for looking elsewhere after how Feds have been treated for the past 2-3 years?
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  • Reason For Back Log
    The reason for the backlog is three fold. The planned automated program that was to replace the manual system was an epic fail -- think Titanic. During the planned automation, retiring OPM personnel were not replaced. The present workforce is either old and experienced, or young and inexperienced. Add, the predicted tsunami of boomer retirees is now happening. Poor procurement practices, failure to maintain adequate trained workforce and hugh new workload.
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