6:06 am, May 22, 2015

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  • government purchase cards
    Use of these government purchase cards are an absolute must in our agency (DHHS/NIH) in order to make timely purchases so as to get our work done. These actually save us money, as any purchases that we make ourselves directly cuts out a surcharge placed by the purchasing department. I personally wish this was not true, as there is in fact a large purchasing department, and placing orders, tracking and reconciling is time consuming for my laboratory staff, and I personally do not feel as though we should be taking on this personal credit risk. Nonetheless, our ongoing job performance ratings depend on it. Another issue regarding credit cards that might be addressed in this column at some point. Why are federal employees (at least in my agency) asked to carry the costs of travel (hotel and incidentals) that again, are crucial to our job performance ratings on our personal credit cards (these costs cannot be charged to government p-cards), often for more than one billing cycle?
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