4:32 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Fed Retirements Exceed Expectations
    Norman's Mother
    Finally! Looks like my former DoD agency is losing the good, and most crucial, the bad workers. Sorry, slackers. Instead of planning your Virginia wine vacations on government computers and the taxpayer's dime, you'll have to use (gasp!) your own computer. That goes for you bird-watchers too. Your managers have coddled you enough...time for you to leave and schedule bird-watching on your own time. That leaves us with those of you who were required to perform TDY to overseas locations, including combat zones, but never left D.C. I believe what goes around comes around and you'll get yours eventually. My only regret is that I won't be able to see it. Good riddance, slackers. Have a great life.
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  • Rats abandoning ship? Maybe, or just getting the job done another way
    Honest Broker
    Your observation of the exiting retirees as all are the worst examples of Govt employees may be slightly flawed. I am one of those departing rats that has burned out on trying to protect this country and the taxpayer dollar, but being stopped at every turn. I have 6 years of active duty military time with 3 years in combat and then 25 plus years as a civil servant embedded with the military at various sites around the globe. Now my agency has a travel moratorium thanks to GSA, so I cannot even take my new trainees out to the sites before I depart. I am an engineer from a top US school, but the politicians decided long ago to open retirement jobs to Govt employees which has led to outsourcing all development decisions to the contractors. A couple of years ago, I came up with an idea to help the warfighter but the prime contractor received all the credit and development work. They have yet to deliver because their pet Congressman needs to supply the next increment of funding ($100M). I was able to move out in 1 year by teaming with several of the vendors. Ironically, the program manager now works for that big prime contractor. An associate who I knew from special operations approached me about getting out, so I could better serve the military and other Govt agencies with my skills. Yes I am departing, but that seems to be the way our Politicians want it. Bash the Govt folks if you want, but some of us are pretty tired of this system.
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  • Amen
    I think it's actually appropriate for the citizenry to criticize the value they're getting for each hour of civil-servant work. However, it's a mistake to assume that the low productivity is due to character flaws of the civil servants (at least in many cases). The federal government is such a horrifying bureaucracy, and this is only exacerbated by Congress's failure to pass budgets on schedule.
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  • "I believe what goes around comes around and you'll get yours eventually"?
    FERS Fed
    NoMa, hope you remember that when you get the 'slacker' Medicare or VA nurse who can't find your vein or tries to insert the wrong end of the catheter.
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  • FERS Fed my aren't we overly sensitive!
    Norman's Mother
    I'm not referring to the medical community. I worked for Defense Intelligence Agency with the most useless, clueless, laziest bunch of males on the planet. Overseas deployment to combat zones is now a condition of employment in DIA. For some that is. Dozens of my male analyst co-workers never deployed anywhere, let alone combat zones. They always had a sob story, like the wife injured herself (again); their epilepsy was flaring up, and last but not least, there was even one who said his wife forbid him to go TDY. Imagine going to one's boss saying my wife won't let me go TDY. Even six year old's are more mature. How can a male be so terrified of his wife that he bends to her every order? Someone who is in dire need of psychiatric help. One male actually "deployed" to Vienna, where I'm sure he endured unspeakable horrors dodging pastries and lattes. After all, you never know where IED pastries are buried. Despite a "lottery" system, only a handful of DIA males actually deploy to combat zones. My hat's off to the State Department who are the real heroes. Compared to them, DIA males are wimps. DIA only sends their people out during times of crisis; State Dept personnel are always out there in harm's way. I went TDY numerous times while the clucking ducks coddled my male co-workers and sheltered them under their "wings" so they wouldn't have to (gasp!) go to TDY to a combat zone.
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