8:14 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • General Dempsey
    Gen Ward deserves at a minimum to be reduced in rank and retired and required to payback the money he stole from the American taxpayers. If you insist on defending him, you are saying that "there but for the grace of God go I." I think you should step down, because you are obviously out of step with the society you supposedly serve. There is a uniformed aristocracy in this country and unfortunately you are one of the ringleaders. You and anyone else who thinks like you are a disgrace to the uniform and the people you serve.
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  • Old Boy's Club
    More of the same, protect one another regardless of the facts. The man essentially stole money for his personal benefit. Now he's going to retire with more annual $$$ than most American's will ever see. If he were an enlisted or NCO a prison term would be in their future. What a joke!
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  • RHIP
    Military readers, both veterans like me and active duty, will read this story, shake their heads, and mutter the above subject line acronym for "Rank hath its privileges," the civilian equivalent being "double standard." Were a company/field grade officer or senior enlisted service member to have so flagrantly abused their positions (recognizing that they wouldn't have been able to spend quite so wildly and for so long), there's no doubt of what they could expect, which could include several years of required residence in government-provided, very Spartan quarters at Ft. Leavenworth - definitely not your typical sub-maximum security level Club Fed. If General Ward is allowed to get off the venerable hook, the above cynical message will once yet again be validated.
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  • Ward. Travel fraud.
    Throw the book at him. He should be treated no differently than any junior officer of NCO.
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  • I'm an Enlisted Marine spouse and this
    Norman's Mother
    is the reason I hate officers. Officers - especially flag rank - stick together like Crazy Glue and will deflect, defend and enable each other no matter what the charges and/or accusations. Gen Dempsey is off the charts on this one. It makes me nuts that Joyce Ward enjoyed Spa days, lavish meals, VIP treatment and travel, all on the taxpayer's dime. I'm so angry I'm seeing red. There are thousands of enlisted spouses out there who would like a Spa day to escape the pressures of their husband's deployment to Afghanistan, and God knows where else. There are no enlisted men out there who can afford to send their wives to the spa, let alone jet off to exotic locals. Oh, and if there some of you out there who do not think I know what I'm talking about, I'm also a DoD retiree with over 33 years service. I know the military. Dempsey, you should be make to walk the plank because you are a coward.
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