7:24 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Wow
    So the poor persecuted govt workers that actually have a layoff warning system will not be warned so Obama can pick up a few votes. I like it in that the govt worker is a bit closer to the private worker in that regard. But I question where is Obama's loyalty to labor? Do these people actually think they won't be l-a-i-d off b/c they weren't warned? Does anyone seriously think that $100 billion cut in govt spending a year for the next ten years gets us out of the hole at all? The plan saves the equivalent of 1 year of current budget deficit over ten years. For those of you with a finance degree you will see quickly how the $$ in year 10 are really meaningless savings. And of course the administration says it will pick up any legal bills defending the contractors against labor law suits, yeah that will save the taxpayers a lot of $$. (sarcasm). Unreal.
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  • I was a Navy Contractor
    Time Bandit
    For 10 years, five years was working for the WNY in DC. I worked in Team Sub before I was laid off in 2010 due to cuts in funding, I am in a private sector job now. If I was offered to go back, I would but only for one reason...The Navy!
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