2:32 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Who hires these leaders?
    Lisa Lisa
    I have to really REALLY wonder how these people get these jobs..well..wait..now that I have TYPED it, it is hitting me. Its the old adage "Its not WHAT you know..its WHO you know". It cant be that leadership is qualified. Isnt there a line item for such things that over the course of a year, someone doesnt tap someone on the shoulder and say "Umm...you know..this request to fund yet another conference will put the number so high it might raise eyebrows (or a unibrow depending on your ability to wax). So "leadership" resigns just moments before the announcement is publicized. Well thats fresh. I guess its off to oversee a large company since a resignation was done before a firing. Come on. Is there such a lack of common sense here? Someone cant think of a way to provide for a conference that would cost $1000? There is video conferencing. Its been around for a long time. There is SKYPE too. Its FREE! So the larger question is, how do these leaders of agencies become the leaders and under what qualifications? If all it requires is a political affiliation-this is a failure. If U have to go to USA JOBS and have to endure KSAs, read through a mountain of requirements, be vetted so to speak before I can only hope to get an interview, shouldnt it be the same for leadership? The system for how leadership is placed needs an overhaul. So much emphasis is placed on the average joe fed but you know, the failure always seems to be at the top and not the bottom-seems to me thats where it needs to be overhauled.
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  • I can't believe it!
    Wasteful spending by the Federal aristocracy? They're entitled. They didn't do anything wrong. They only got caught. People of the United States of America and around the world. These are the ones that should be vilified, not the vast majority of Federal workers. Appointees and SESers who got to their positions by playing the politics game instead of doing real work.
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  • reform
    As usual, you guys rock... I don't intend to sound ambivalent but the money we're talking about in this episode is penny's compared to VA's larger mismanagement problems - like electronic medical records. EMR is a huge expense that has been poorly planned and executed but congress isn't racking them over the coals over that (much). It's important to root foolishness like this out but the "big picture" of poor technology infrastructure, given the VA's mission, is the real crime. This congressman needs to get his priorities straight, show some leadership, spine and innovation and solve the bigger problems the agency has.
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  • Sad news
    I agree that this seems like alot of money but with VA assistance myself and #1 (USMC) and #2 (USA 11B) sons were able to go to college and be treated for combat injuries suffered in OIF.
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