11:28 am, May 23, 2015

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  • sequestration
    It seems to me that the subject word must have something to to do with the word delay. On another matter within the same topic, concerning the statement ..."Unless congress (congress lower cased on purpose) and the White House, which frequently can't agree what month it is...." I think this is becasue congress does not care for or is not used to a black man being POTUS. congress needs to put aside their own differences among themselves to work together and also to make a better effort to work with the current president. On still another matter, is Obama the first president to not grant a raise to federal employees? Since i started working in 1973, i do not recall federal employess not getting a cost of living raise in January of each year.
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  • no pay raise
    No pay raise in 1987 under Reagan or in 1994 under Clinton.
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  • look at history
    If you look at the Federal history, there is a lot of years going back to 1940 where Federal Employees did not get raises. I think the longest stretch was 5 years. I saved the information, but no time to look today.
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