6:21 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Federal Agencies owe $14 million in unpaid taxes
    Bet if they started penalizing those agency CFO's - the one responsible for filing the return and/or paying the taxes - this would be cleared up in a New York minute. Same thing with all the contractors who work for the government but owe - take their pay and apply it towards their outstanding tax balances. Treat the agencies the same as an individual taxpayer who owes. Better yet, treat them the way IRS employees are treated if they owe taxes - they lose their jobs...
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  • above the law.
    I was an IRS revenue officer (collection of delinquent taxes and returns) for 33 years and we were required to come down on businsses who failed to turn over witholding and FICA taxes (called "trust fund" taxes) like Nazi storm troopers with draconian enforced collection. Also,to add to the "above the law" status, it appears that they cannot be charged any penalty or interest, nor can the IRS take any lien or levy action on these cases.
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