6:34 am, May 22, 2015

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  • I'll start off
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    While OPM doesn't mention it, they are keeping the insurance premium refunds mandated by PPACA. They said it was so they can hold costs down. As they take money from our accounts for certain carriers, surely they can likewise refund the premiums. No surprise that the costs are going up. When do they not?
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  • Hey Mike
    Do you why the first Ohio River bridge was built between Indiana and Kentucky? So the folks from Kentucky could swim over in the shade.
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  • Thanks
    FERS Fed
    That's laugh-out-loud funny.
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  • The law of averages, sounds almost like statistics
    I'm a long time Fed, and was a member of Aetna for years, but Aetna Open Access, the JC2 coded plan, will be $504.48 every 2 weeks in 2013! The Gov't portion will be $425.00, so the 'averages' just don't apply. This plan will increase approx 20% and the Gov't portion is under 50%, nowhere near the 3.4 % and 70% averages. I'm guessing Aetna wants to shutdown this plan but cannot for some reason, so they're choosing to just price everyone out of the market. Costs on this plan have risen over 500% in under a decade, my salary did not!
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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    When I was laid off after working as a contractor for the Navy for 10 years in DC, I had no choice but to get COBRA. My share..$800 a month, had it for 3 months and had to cancel since I couldn't afford it anymore.I find a job but then the housing market tanks so I was laid off a year later, my share for COBRA..$1500 but I declined. Who has $1500 a month when they have no job? I have another job w/ a small business but making a fraction what I used to make, unfortunately they don't have insurance so I tried getting it on my own. One plan turned me down, not because I was 51 years old, not because I have no pre-existing health problems: no diabetes, cancer, don't smoke & don't drink. They turned me down because I didn't fit within their height/weight ratio guidelines. I have the letter that states this. Just keep in mind, a fitness trainer I know was declined because they considered him to be obese. Go figure that one out. I tried another plan, this plan wanted, just for me, $800 a month. This is 2 weeks pay for me, I declined. If you think you have it so rough working for the gov't, try getting health insurance on your own....It's NOT easy.
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  • Health Insurance
    Time Bandit is absolutely correct that unless you are fortunate enough to be independently wealthy or to be covered under your employer's plan (where the employer picks up the majority of the cost) you cannot afford to purchase health insurance. There is something wrong with the health care system in this country. Health care is not available to a large number of people because the costs of health insurance, prescription medication and direct medical care are prohibitive. I am not a health-care industry specialist; however I suspect one of the biggest culprits is the health-insurance industry (pull down the annual 10-K of any health insurer and check out the billions in profits), followed by the mega-profits of the pharaceutical and the PI lawyer industry. Our President has signed a law that takes a big step toward making medical care and prescription drugs available to Time Bandit and the millions of others who cannot afford to purchase health insurance. I am not interested in a barrage of anti-Democrat or anti-Rebuplican retorts so please save them. I am an intelligent, clear-thinking independent and I do not "side" with either political party. Rather, I am interested in what those who oppose the so-called Obama-Care would say to Time Bandit and the millions of Americans in his same situation. What is your plan to make health care available for every American citizen? Or, do you believe that health care, like yachts, private jets, homes in the Hamptons and four-story garages complete with an elevator, should only be available to the priviledged? Would you look Time-Bandit in the eyes and tell him to die in the gutter should he become ill? I am sick and tired of the negativity from both sides. Let's have some positive ideas on how to resolve our country's embarrassing and shameful health care situation. BTW, my fiancee is from a foreign country. He staes that he likes America except for the health care system, which he finds to be a disgrace.
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  • RE: Health Inusrance
    Stop the Madness
    Very well put FederalEmployee. I agree completely.
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  • healthcare costs
    I agree we have a problem with out of control healthcare costs, but a government takeover of the healthcare system is not the answer. Part of the reason healthcare costs are so high is because of the jack-pot malpractice lawsuits. I read an editorial last year in the WP that talked about a surgeon right out of med school who had to pay a $200,000 malpractice insurance policy the day he turned the light on in his new office. Who pays that premium? We do. People should be able to buy insurance across state lines. Health savings accounts are also good options but they are grossly misunderstood and not widely offered.
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  • "..a government takeover of the healthcare system is not the answer"?
    FERS Fed
    Well, that's a darn good thing because that's not what the Protection Protection and Affordable Care Act did. It set new rules for the health care marketplace, which among other things will have the effect of changing whose pockets the health care spending in this country goes into. THAT'S why Republicans hate it so much.
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  • healthcare costs
    I agree with you that sometimes malpractice suits can be a problem. This is true when pain and suffering and punitive awards bear no relationship to the actual damages. However, setting a dollar cap on these items is also stupid as that dollar cap bears no relationship to the actual damages.----Also, lawyers do not collect fees unless they win money for their clients.----Most doctors do not pay $200,000 for medical insurance for themselves only. Either your surgeon has an extremely high risk job or the $200,000 covers more than one employee.
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  • Single Payer Failed
    Canada thought designating government as the single payer for most healthcare was the answer. Partially because of long waits for care and a 96 percent increase on waiting times for specialists, their Supreme Court ruled banning private care was an inhumane act. Private urgent care facilities and a couple of hospitals will not accept government paid patients -- insurance and cash, only.
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