1:39 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • FITARA follows IT-AAC Roadmap for Sustainable IT Acquisition Reform
    I am delighted to Chairman Issa and Lankford put in place long sought IT Acquisition Reforms advocated by IT-AAC, NSF, TechAmerica and Defense Science Board. Unfortunately, a review of failed attempts at similar legislative directives (CCA, NDAA Section 804, 25 Point Plan) get hi-jacked by those who control decision making and benefit most from billions in waste. Vivek Kundra called out a Federal IT Cartel that controlled the current acquisition processes and drove analysis/paralysis. General Hoss Cartwright re-interacted this view during his exit interview with the WSJ, followed by a Federal Times report on the top three contractors who represented this IT Cartel in terms of revenue and contracts; Mitre and BAH To be successful, OMB will need to break away from these rice bowls and partner with non-traditional public interest concerns that have proven access to commercial best practices and innovations of the market. This is why IT-AAC was created.....
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