10:10 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Are you are real?
    Except for FERS FED, this was all radical right comments today. So we can all expect grade F's. And Rob, your comments are typical of what you always write, just like mine are typical of what I will write.---I will start with Bud. Why do you think he gave us the raises he did? Think about it. His first year was promising. But he could not give us the raises. Thanks to your radical right friends in Congress who vote for and against the raises. And look at what they are proposing. Yes, Rob. We must listen to what they say and assume that when they are in charge they will stick it to us even further.-----Contrarian, yes we can compare Obama to the boogeyman of the radical right. (continued)
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  • Performance Rating
    Carter Hired Fed
    When it comes to how President Obama handled federal pay, the grade is a D-, Congress gets an F minus. A nervous president and a hysterical electorate that purposely elected Tea Party nitwit extremists vowing to do nothing and lazy Democrat non-voters (and non-Civics majors) in 2010 have put the country in its current situation. Since the government claimed the recession ended in June 2009, there was absolutely no reason to deny cost of living adjustments to federal workers these past two years.
    Carter Hired Fed
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  • Additional Things Reagan Did
    Carter Hired Fed
    It should also be noted that the last October pay adjustment occurred in October 1982. The 1983 adjustment was "temporarily" delayed three months to January 1984 and NEVER moved back to October to coincide with the new fiscal year. There was also no pay adjustment for 1985, so current federal employees with 28 plus years have suffered three years without pay adjustments.
    Carter Hired Fed
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