4:31 am, May 29, 2015

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  • I have a Job.
    Before all the critics come out and comment...let me set the tone. We Feds have jobs. We Feds have Health Care. We Feds have never been denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. We Feds have enjoyed routine COLAs for decades. We can afford the $2 and change that this represents as I am sure my friends with a families can afford $6 and change a pay check. (Want to complain about your bills, rememebr you have the Joy of Children or a spouse in your life...you could be alone.) This news should not freak Feds out or cause upevil...We are Feds, we act with a conscience, and we know what we pay and have paid for years is still a good deal. Just ask your non-Fed friends what they pay...Keep this in perspective people.
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  • Your guidance
    Sleepless G
    Thank you father MDBBALL02 for all your guidance.
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  • My experience has been that...
    those who are just "happy" to have a job set the stage for sustained cuts to pay and benefits. Been through this before in another line of work. They only think I can suggest is the following: Fight tooth and nail to prevent the loss of anything, no matter how small. I'm not talking about this premium increase, that is understandable. But for the other stuff...... It takes the same amount of time to fight as it does to sit on you couch and be 'thankful.' Pacifism will get crushed.
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  • thankful to have a job.
    Taxpayer Too
    Yes, I'm in a better position then some because I have a job with benefits. I agree with what you said MDBBALL02 but there is one one thing you didn't state and that is the expenses are going up but the pay is not. I don't mind paying extra for things but I'd like a raise to offset them!
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  • Hmmmmmmmm....
    Wonder if this will be like last year when the average increase seemed low, but many of us ended up with SUBSTANTIAL increases. My self-only HMO went up over $15.00 per pay check. Statistics do not tell the whole story......
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  • Boot Camp?
    Big Joe
    Reminds me of my days in Marine Corps boot camp out in the pit doing push ups. After every round "Thank you drill sargent, Can I have another?"
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  • Must be nice to have insurance
    Time Bandit
    I used to have it when I worked as a contractor for the Navy for 10 years in DC, then I was laid off in 2010. The job I have now doesn't offer insurance, I tried getting it on my own. I was denied by one carrier not because I was 51 yrs old at the time, I was denied not because I have no pre-existing conditions, no cancer, no diabetes, I don't smoke nor drink. I was denied strictly because I did not fit within the insurance height-weight ratio, in other words, according to them...I was overweight. I have the denial letter stating this, I rarely if ever get sick. I don't run to the Dr every time my butt blows a fart, I have gone for my yearly exams with no problems. Another carrier wanted to charge, JUST FOR ME, $800 a month. This is 2 weeks pay for me, another carrier had deductibles of $10k, $15k, $20k, $25k...who has this kind of cash on them. Health insurance has gotten out of hand, something needs to be done.
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  • One word ...
    Obamacare... Thanks to our President, you should not be denied coverage for being "overweight" ... that would seem to be a pre-existing medical condition...You should be able to fight that of the graounds of discrimination...especially if you have a letter from them admitting it!
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