8:34 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Management
    Let's see how is the President doing with Management. Can we say GAO? No one expects the President to micro manage his Departments, but he does appoint the Secretaries who are supposed to run the Departments, and also each Agency Head. Those are the people who are supposed to make sure there is limited waste and that the work runs efficiency. But, in the end it comes down to the Big Boss. Management was obviously out of step with the times and way over the top with the conferences. Not only GAO, but also the Court System. These conferences were not even noticed when times were good and they looked like Mickey Mouse affairs compared to the private sector (and really they still do), but when money is tight and people are complaining, they should have been scaled back before the public got wind of it. So probably a D grade here for the President. Just to let you know I am fair I gave Bush a D or less for the Katrinia emergency where the government wasn't very prepared, except the Coast Guard, which did a great job.
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  • GAO?
    I think you meant GSA.
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  • Dailey Cheese
    Yes, you are right GSA.
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  • Recent commentary of federal "raises"
    Mike, Recent morning commentary has focused on the federal employees' plight of little to no raises since 2010. Against cost of living escalation, this doesn't seem like a huge hardship to me. Then I look at a recent federal contract I'm involved in staffing. It's a recompete of existing work. But the feds first set us up to competitively bid labor rates that are 10 to 20% BELOW the salaries the incumbents are earning. Then, post-award, we're being asked to give back the escalation clauses we built into labor rates over the next 5 years. Am I supposed to conclude that the federal sector is UNDERPAID and we're just bringing the private sector into parity with the feds? Or should I conclude that the federal goverment is only willing to reduce its costs by putting private sector employees out of work, or asking them to accept 10 to 20% pay cuts, while preserving federal jobs, albeit at 2010 compensation levels? I arrive at work cranky when I think this through.
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  • I doing very well
    Errrr, first of all I object to your reference to me as BIG. You know, Michelle keeps pretty tight control of my diet, feeding me all that good stuff from her White House garden. But anyway, I've been doing as good as I can seeing how Bush left me such a mess, and those Tea Party Republicans in Congress won't let any of my well thought out programs pass. With all these roadblocks to my goals on improving the economy I can't give the hard-working federal employees a raise. But rest assured, I'll continue to give billions to my friends in the Middle East as they spring up to overthrow their overlords and billions more to my friends in the alternative energy community who want to rid us of our dependency on those evil oil companies.
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  • To Blamer
    You criticise the alternative energy research, but it is better than depending on oil and coal. Add the costs of illnesses caused by air pollution as well as the human suffering. That might convince you of the need for alternative energy research. And let us not forget Bush's donations to his VP's former company.
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