4:37 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • 'Deeply destructive' cuts are long overdue
    These kinds of big, across-the-board cuts are exactly what we need. Instead of b**ching back and forth about what programs to cut and which not to cut, we just slam them all. Conservatives' pet projects get cut. Liberals' pet projects get cut. Everybody gets pissed off. The budget problem gets solved. Bitter pill? Yeah. So what? The fact that both Republicans and Democrats are terrified of these cuts taking effect is a good sign that these cuts are a good thing for the country.
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  • Conservative Cash Cow
    Conservatives, as I mentioned in my post below, aren't going to cut defense. Maybe they'll tinker with moving agencies around and consolidation but the big ticket defense industry items won't be touched because those are the cash cows and jobs programs they take home to their districts. A little bit of pork for everyone. You think it's a good thing for the country to cut programs that hurt the neediest, sickest, poorest, elderly and cutting Pell grants for struggling students but you don't say squat about cutting the obscene profits by behemoth health insurance companies and Big Oil which are raking in record earnings. Our country loses trillions in lost tax revenue to tax avoiders while the right-wing bean counters think cutting Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio are priorities. In fact they aren't even a drop in the bucket compared to tax-evaders who stash 100's of billions in offshore tax havens like Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Swiss Banks. Start there and may we can get serious about the rest.
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  • Automatic Cuts
    There were few who believed for one minute that anything substantial would be cut from defense. Too bad because The Economist recently reported that the F-35 joints strike fighter plane (considered obsolete by some) program costs have reached $396 billion. Likewise, the F-22 stealth fighter plane costs $400 million per copy and the costs keep rising. So, where do these cuts come from to make up for the reluctance to cut defense? The same old well that jelly-spined congress has gone to time and time again -- federal workers' pay, health care and retirement benefits. Plus deeper cuts eventually in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Not that it would even make a dent in the $16 trillion public debt. Maybe congress might take a look at the gazillions in corporate welfare subsidies to Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Cotton, Big Pharma and all the other tax cut goodies they have larded out to the 1% wealthiest who are whining for even bigger tax cuts and in some cases as with the H.R. 2911 proposed by Republican Congressman from Texas, Louie Gohmert, total elimination of corporate taxes and capital gains taxes. Where will that loss of revenue come from to support needed federal programs? I've got it! Out of the hides of retirees and federal worker pay.
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  • Impact to Virginia, DC, and Maryland
    Finn MacCool
    To all those haters of federal spending - be prepared for the local havoc this will cause to your state budgets in the metro area. 1) Increased unemployment which the state has to fork over money it does not have 2) Less taxes from those fat, overpaid, under worked federal employees - hello state income rate increases or cuts to fire, police, and schools 3) Less riders and paying riders on the Metro - increased fares You deserve the politicians you elect and the consequences of their actions and inaction!
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  • Perhaps
    It is time that EVERYONE gets a punch in the face instead of the few already struggling. As a federal worker, I hate to see many positions gone... but looking around in DoD.. Perhaps it is high time to clean up! Now to correct your baloney! 1) *corrected* Increased unemployment in areas of military bases and federal govt complexes that NEVER had it so good, esp with the MIC! 2) Less taxes so the local and state will increase taxes, only to see residents and taxpayers errupt, which would be about time! 3) pfffttt! think that average citizen and homeowner in the effected areas really care about that? A majority drive to their commute one way or another. Your whole post is baloney! We need across the board cuts! End these bloated aircraft, ships, submarine and highly over-budgeted programs NOW!
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  • well of course it's going to be destructive
    and, I for one am no particularly ok with it. That's what we get for electing politicians who refuse to work with one another. So, for every social cut made in the budget, a proportional cut in defense is made. For every cultural/educational cut made, a proportional cut in highway funding is made. For every tax deduction retained (for example - home mortages interest), taxes go up. People like Mitt Romney are not creating jobs - the companies he controls/controlled are - those tax shelters need to go away and everyone pays an equal amount on their personal income. Is anyone going to be happy? NO. It is what it is.
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