2:57 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • IRS Paybanding
    I well remember the IRS HR Chief(Ron Sanders) promoting managerial paybanding.Sanders left the agency after a brief tenure.Managers didn't really want paybanding except those in the lower steps in a grade(step 1,2,3).Well it was implemented and then we had GS13/14/15 managers lumped into a "combined" type grade.Results,total mayhem.And no one has done much to fix it.
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  • 10 percent promotion does not even help pay losses
    Honest Broker
    With some of these numbers mentioned in Mike Causey's article plus increases in our retirement contributions (Ryan Act at 5 percent), you would need a 10 percent promotion to break even. I understand that OPM received 9000 retirement applicants in August versus 7000, so this news may drive the numbers up even more. The only good news this week was my TSP went up 2 point 7 percent. FY13 is shaping up to be a tough year. I wonder how Wall Street will fare? What about our prime contractors? The politicians will have to honor those SuperPAC contributions or it will be Hxll to pay. Thank you George Bush for packing the Supreme Court with corporation favorable judges. Since when does a CEO and his board members constitute the definition of "We the People of these United States"? Now let the employees of that company vote on the SuperPAC contribution by the company, and then it meets the "We the People" criteria.
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  • NOT true . . .
    White-collar federal workers, in most agencies, would continue to get WIG (within-grade) step increases every one, two or three years. Once you reach Step 10, no matter what Grade you are, you are stuck there FOREVER. No 1, 2, or 3, year WIG for us.
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