8:14 am, May 23, 2015

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  • How DOD could save $s? Quit outsourcing and kill retirement job bribes
    Honest Broker
    Does DOD really want to save money? 3-steps 1 - Get rid of the Conflicts of Interest!!! 2 - Centralize the acquisition of technology by categories instead of all the services redundancies 3- Go back to fixed price contracts and make Govt do better specifications and design I work for an organization that deals in electronic systems and the Govt engineers have been pulled away from the overall design control and it has been handed to the contractors. Why? Because the contractors can influence supervisory Govt employees by offering them retirement jobs (yes, it is legal). The retiring Admirals and Generals and senior officers are also offered these sweet retirement checks to make sure the money goes to the RIGHT acquisition organization and people. Retiring civilian and military personnel get plenty of money, so they can survive without retirement job with DOD contractors or their sub-contractors. Get rid of retirement job bribes!! Why does the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, FBI, NSA, etc. all need their own engineering and acquisition organizations? Because of service affiliation animosity (us versus them), this encourages duplication and no collaboration. Many working around DOD see the duplication and lack of using commercial tools in the software development portion of the systems. The contractor makes money by charging hours, so they come up with all kinds of excuses why they cannot use a software tool or use someone else’s software libraries. The contractors love to drive a wedge between the Govt organizations by using this inherent competition between the different groups. DOD only needs one engineering and acquisition organization, but the politicians and corporate America want it to be fragmented to keep the tax payer pump flowing. We need to go back to a Govt engineer designs the system, defines specifications for the components (software and hardware) to be built, determine if in house development is more practical than outsourcing (like using commercial tools), and outsource hardware and fabrication with firm fixed price and time contracts. Most companies do not outsource too much of their product development or they risk losing control of it. Why should the Government be different?
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