7:47 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Social Security lax on Disability claims
    It angers me to know that there are people out there "milking" the system. Someone who is receiving disability benefits but is able to work and get a paycheck? My husband has been trying for 2 plus years to receive disability benefits and the sad thing is that he wants to work and provide for his family but his health issues cause this inability. To think that my husband who has worked for the past 23 years (sometimes working 2 or 3 jobs) and has paid taxes and into social security all those years is not able to receive benefits? And there are people out there double dipping? Those people are the reason why others who are in need of those benefits are denied time and time again. Very unfair, to say the least-
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  • I know how you feel 944.
    Jim W
    My ex-gf is in the same boat. She's been turned down and is going through a lawyer now to gain her benefit. She's had recurring cancer, can't stay well long enough to gain employment, and seems to have nearly montly surgery to remove yet more cancer that develops. She's currently in her second review for being considered disabled. I've known 3 other people who deserved disability but all had to go through a lawyer to be awarded it. Not a single one of them could work, all had some type of permanent severe physical limitation being the reason they lost employment. All 3 denied until a lawyer stepped in. The problem is that in the 2-3 years it takes going through the legal system to gain your benefit you're likely to lose everything as you have no income to pay your bills while you wait for a benefit you've paid you entire working life into. You have to wonder, what kinds of disability claims are being awareded that would be considered lax? It was about 15 years ago but I knew a woman whose two young children were on disability for ADD or something similar. She told me about it and lived off of the money she recieved from her two disabled children. Until she told me her kids were disabled I had no idea, they seemed like normal young kids to me.
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