10:59 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Pentagon
    On the strengthening of the Pentagon walls, I think the record might need some clarification. I heard that the design team was told by Pentagon management that strengthening was too expensive. At the time, the design and construction was managed by the Army Corps of Engineers (under an MOA with WHS). The Corps refused to relax that standard over the objections of WHS. After the first phase of construction, WHS decided to manage the remaining 4 phases of the project, in part because the project was over budget. Claiming that this was a decision by Pentagon management ignores the pressure they put on the design team to cut those features from the project.
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  • 911 losses are many
    Not just the victims on the planes or buildings. My local town used book store was owned by a couple with a son in WTC. After they received his insurance they closed the book store, which was never replaced. The store had been open many years and is a loss for all book lovers.
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  • thanks for the (yes, indeed) powerful images
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    I was preparing for a criminal trial in another county (repeat as we had a hung jury). It took days of preparation as we had witnesses coming from other states. We didn't have the trial as no one wanted to be there that day (federal trial, federal building). I had to tell the witnesses as no one else had thought to clue them in. We were in a big hurry, and I injured my back carrying boxes of trial prep materials. While I still have the injury to this day, I am still alive. Thanks to the brave heroes who rescued others and the heroes of Flight 93.
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  • In the eye of the storm is where I was
    Nobody N
    I worked for a DoD intelligence agency. My desk was on the 12th floor of a 12 story building 2 minutes' flight time from a major airport. It was probably under the flight line of the Shanksville plane. I say that because when the shuttle Enterprise was being flown to Dulles for display, it came within naked sight view of our building. When it all hit the fan I was working. I remember the weather that morning was exactly like what we had today, gorgeous and cool. I was in the middle of writing purchasing paperwork for the technical services contract I managed, to get things under contract before the end of the fiscal year. Somebody came to my desk and said you should see what's on TV. The division chief had the coverage on his TV. I got there in time to see the second plane fly into WTC South. I remember thinking, this can't be real, but it was and I sat down. I was there when WTC South started to crumble. I remember seeing clumps of stuff rolling down the building and wondering what is that? Seconds later the building began to settle and I realized I had seen concrete breaking loose. I still have flashbacks of that, and also the antenna on the top of WTC North tilting over before it also crumbled. And the batlike things that, it turns out, were people jumping rather than burn to death. Just before 11 we all got email announcements to evacuate. I was on the phone with my brother at the time telling him I was OK. I told him I had to get out, shut off my computer and left. It was hours before I could contact the rest of my family; all the calls were long distance calls and all the circuits were busy. I finally emailed them. Since then I've taken advantage of all the news about prepping for emergencies, because based on WTOP traffic reports I know this area can never be safely evacuated in a disaster. I can survive in place for up to 3 weeks, assuming the attack is not nuclear or biological so that I die of radiation or disease. YMMV but if you have the money and the storage space for the supplies, and you don't think ahead to the next disaster, don't whine at me.
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  • In a classroom at the Reagan Building
    G Street
    FBI agent teaching class stops it at one point and says he "has to go" as planes hit WTC and Pentagon. Thought he was 'kidding' (or it was part of the class) but obviously not.
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