12:19 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Where was I on 9/11
    I remember the morning just as vivid as the day it happened. I was working in the the Weather Forecast Office in Pleasant Hill Missouri during this horrible series of events. The office, at the time, had a television located in the operations area that was utilized for situational awareness. I remember walking up to the operations area and noticed that there were a lot of people standing up and just staring at the events that were unfolding on the screen. I must admit that it did not take long for reality to set in within the first few seconds of viewing the television telecast. At first there was confused looks in everyones eyes as well as the hint of the same from the news report that was being delivered. This finally changed into the reality that the crashes into the World Trade Center was not by acident. I am a retired U.S. Army Reserve 1st Sergeant who was angered by these attacks. I remember making the statement openly "this is what happens when you don't let the Generals and the Military do their job!" Maybe this was a little harsh but thoughts of the first Gulf War came looming back in my mind and what should have been done the first time our troops were there. Again, maybe a little harsh, but my 21 years to military experience and service to our nation caused me to wonder.
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  • In midtown Manhattan
    SGT Pepper
    I was working in midtown Manhattan when it happened. My first thought was to call a close friend who was the only person I knew working in the towers. She, thankfully, ignored her employers initial direction to stay put and evacuated immediately from the North Tower, 70 floors to safety. Several of her co-workers were not as fortunate, and are said to have most likely died in a fire prior to the collapse of the tower though no one really knows for certain. A co-worker of mine and I walked to his home in Brooklyn, as I was unable to get home that day to Nassau County where I lived at the time. As with every year, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those who were lost, and their families.
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  • In downtown Chicago
    I was in my office in downtown Chicago, and heard the news during a phone call with a colleague in Jackson, Mississippi. My office was located a block from Sears Tower (now called Willis Tower), which could have been a potential target as well. We watched people evacuating Sears Tower and heading for the train stations. There were no supervisors in our office; no one was making the call to dismiss us. I decided to leave work, even if I was going to be charged AWOL (which did not come to pass). I was thankful to get onto a train leaving the city, even though we were packed in like sardines. One man with a radio kept us informed during the ride. That was how I heard about the collapse of the towers.
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