8:15 am, May 25, 2015

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    "requires the DHS-led council to develop a framework" A COUNCIL? Another group not accountable to the People, through DHS not accountable to the People, part of the Exec Admin not accountable to the People.... SHELL GAME. OK, lets just spit it out here. Chop fiber optic cables across the country and the whole thing comes screeching to a halt. They are buried along freeways and roadways... Remember that critical little detail when the $HTF..
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  • Control, thy name is Arrogance
    Many decades ago leadership in our military (defend the Constitution) was such that a power grab by the executive branch of government could never happen. But in recent times, with the politicization of armed service's leadership, moves us closer to a point similar to those third rate countries where military coups take place. It can happen here...
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  • Our current President doesn't seem to have much respect for civil liberties
    Here are 95 examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, and cronyism http://tinyurl.com/95examples
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  • your nonsense
    Sounds like a radical right bs item
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  • You're a moron
    Spoken like a true libtard.
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  • Read Between the Lines
    Here is the first lie: 1. The draft order says this data wouldn't be used for regulatory purposes or used against companies. Then why submit your vulnerabilities to unknown or who, and where is that data stored for breach? How about submit our ideas of how you can improve your commission and what to focus on instead. Here is the biggest threat: Energy independence means a solar panel on every home and business, independent from the energy grid entirely, or power company or government program. Not dependent on a weak link in the grid that could wipe out millions of structures in one breach or breakdown. But of course the government won't do that because they depend on the tax fees generated by the electric bills, as well as it reduces the incentive for corporations as they lose customers and profits because the public would be truly energy independent and free from their control. NEED TO STOP THE MONOPOLY SCAM LOCK ON ENERGY BY CORPORATIONS AND THE GOVERNMENT. AS FOR THE INTERNET: Businesses need to embed triple encryption end to end, and key tokens for emails, data and structure functionality, and limit as much as possible for outside access to their networks. What scares me more is the U.S. Army taking control of the private energy grid and causing false flags, or shutting down the internet with a flip of the switch. If you cut the Pentagon budget by 25% in the first year you could put a solar panel on every home and the demand for solar products USA MADE, would fully employ the citizens of this country, further eliminating our need to fight any wars in the middle east over oil, as they would dry up on the vine within a few years, and be incapable of attacking the USA... But what do I know, I am just a common man that has a clue.. Is anybody listening?
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  • I'm confused
    Why is the EO appearing but the schedule of sequestration cuts that was required by law not released? ??
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