6:47 am, May 23, 2015

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  • This is not a priority.
    Specifics are not a part of the Obama Administration mantra. Rhetoric and "pass it, then read it", that is their guidance. Only those who will NOT vote for his eminence, know this and understand. The rest are to be pittied. They are but poor lemmings.
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  • Oh, yay.
    Hey, here's an idea- let's put in draconian consequences to keep politicians from acting like children. Oopsie, we forgot. Politicians ALWAYS act like children now. Now we are surprised that they acted like children, and the consequences are going into place? Get serious.
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  • And this is different from other admins... how?
    Republican politicians are also vague and do the pass it, then read it dance. Most politicians, regardless of party, expect their interns to read stuff and break it into bullet points for them in a summary, and pass or fight bills based on those summaries, instead of actually reading every bill themselves. What is your point?
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  • well you know..
    He's ben super busy the past year campaigning and all. You can't expect him to like sit down and you know do some work and all. I mean it's not like he has a real job..right?
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