12:22 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Soothing comments form the CAR
    "We'll do less with less, and that's okay." Actually, it's not, especially as it's not all clear just what the "less" we'll be doing will be, as this is not spelled out, and it's obvious that whatever the "less" being done will be, it will involve "less" Army Reserve soldiers doing it. To say that current Reserve members should put all this aside and focus on their jobs is a truism, but to think that their concerns are thereby alleviated by such an example of the usual Pentagon level bloviation is a fantasy. We seem to experience this same drill every time we go through the build up - then downsize cycle. The CAR's soothing prescription of the equivalent of taking two aspirin to reduce the fever and going to bed will have little practical effect, but I understand that he has to at least go through the motions if only for appearance sake.
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