3:11 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Smartpay Conferences are Dumb!
    Your article misses the mark. If there was a late night knock, there may be a good reason. A simple Google search of GSA Smartpay conferences show an enormous amount of waste considering anything can be taught on the Internet. In these tough economic times, why is it that feds must fly to far away places with lavish accommodations? Federal agencies should be tightening their belts as a show of good faith to the public who employs them. This 2011 after conference comment made me gag..."As I walked into the Venetian Ballroom for the General Session on Tuesday August 16th, I couldn’t believe the sea of people in front of me – 6,434 customers came out to the conference this year!" Back off on IG's. It's about time they started going after the waste and abuse within their own agencies.
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  • Anything can be taught on the internet?!?!?!?
    Wow, that line alone shows you don't have a clue. People want government to run like a business, while taking pot shots at it when it follows business practices. Some of these "posh" hotels are cheap to fly to, provide reasonable hotel rates, and add the free use of conference rooms. As for banging on doors at midnight, might as well issue the IG Brown Shirts to emulate their idols.
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  • Tell the whole story!
    What you fail to address in your article is that by sending an agent to the conference the IG cleared GSA of wrong doing. That is the most important fact for GSA employees who are completely beaten down after all the media attention to the WRC. Why is this message lost in your article? FAIL.
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