2:19 am, May 25, 2015

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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    I was laid off back in 2010, after working 10 years as a contractor for the Navy in DC. I do miss not working for the Navy but contracting companies are treading water these days, I don't fault them for letting me go. Then again, I have a problem when they still keep deadweights and knuckledraggers that don't lift a finger to earn their paycheck. They get rid of those who were actually doing the work, oh well, I have another job much closer to home. I may not be making as much as I was but not having to shell out $$$ for commuting or getting up at 3:30am every morning like I did to catch the VRE makes up for it.
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  • LIFO Realities
    I was RIFEd back in the day, so I know how it feels. Across the board Rifs are not good for employees, mission or the taxpayer. Its last in first out - no exceptions except for veterans. And remember, this is done without changes to mission or workload. A more focused and yes competitive approach is required to be fair to contract employees,federal employees and to the taxpayer. That won't happen of course under this Administration and so they will cut more mission and mission service capability than necessary to keep more feds on board, but cut Feds they will -- the younger ones.
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