10:37 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Transparency has gotten worse not better
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    It used to be you could go look up in the budget bills the amount each program got. Since Obama took office, all you can see is the amount each agency and subagency is given . The mounts programs are given are obscured. This is transparency? I only get what my agency verbally tells me, nothing in writing anymore. Transparency? Its all talk and anything but. Wilhelm Heisenburg
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  • what will happen in 2nd term.....DISASTER
    An Obama second term will ruin this country. Obama knows he will be unable to get his radical European style socialist utopia passed through a split congress so he will bypass congress altogether and "transform" America through the power of executive order. Mark it down right now. I predict an unprecedented abuse of power by this president if re-elected.
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  • "transform" America through the power of executive order?
    FERS Fed
    Yeah, all he has to do is follow Dick Cheney's playbook. Bada bing!
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  • Feds will suffer from SuperPAC IOUs in 2013 and beyond
    Honest Broker
    Obama and Romney along with all the other politicians are beholding to their campaign contributors, so the SuperPACs just aggravated the buying influence problem. Last night on the PBS show Bill Moyer, the guest speaker brought up that the true donors are kept anonymous through 3rd parties which was not the intention of the Supreme Court ruling. Since the politicians take the term Civil Servant literally, now you cannot bring attention to these donors and the economy is still down, I foresee the Govt employees getting round two of the penalties and demonization. I used to rely on NARFE, but they seem to be ineffective especially since I could never match the contributions of millionaires. Is there any way to fight back?
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