11:37 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Democrats Lap Dog
    Kenny Ray
    Once again, the labor union's prove to be the Democratic Party's lap dog. Colleen Kelley says, "While the Democratic platform does not specifically mention the federal workforce, it stands in sharp contrast to the Republican call for a 10 percent reduction in the numbers of federal employees." How can she be so naive? Of course the Democrats are keeping quiet on their plans for federal workers. The bottom line is federal employees and possibly current retirees are screwed no matter which party wins. The difference is with the Dems the country will go bankrupt. We may go that way with the Republicans too, but for sure we're heading that way with four more years of Obama.
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  • I Agree
    Its too bad there isnt a candidate/party willing to increase taxes on everyone, AND cut the budget significantly. Thats what we need, and we need it in a big way.
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  • Combining agencies? Great idea.
    Here's one. Eliminate that piece if shet, political appointee magnet, called the Small Business Asministration. Place tham all under the Dept of Commerce and unemployee all of the SBA SES'ers.
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