4:19 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Insourcing and fixed price contracts are bad? REALLY
    Honest Broker
    You have got to be kidding. I am a Govt person that procures material and services for DOD, but over the last two decades the outsourcing policy has only lead to an incestuous relationship from Capitol Hill down to my organization that does the actual contract. The prime contractor pumps the politicians with funding, then they offer retirement jobs all down the management chain. I cannot go to these small business, because the deal has already been made and even if I baulk at it then my management will find someone else and they get a promotion. 25 years ago when I started, I would come up with the required design and parts list and then approximate the cost and schedule. We would compete it and then decide who had the best solution. Now its just dictated to us who to use and they hand us a proposal, and then we just go through the motions. As added insurance that everything gets outsourced including buying simple parts, they made the process so complicated and lengthy that the program office complains and then the order gets outsourced at a sizable fee. Insourcing only works if you truly support it, but no one in upper management wants to upset this retirement job gravy train. With all those SuperPAC IOUs coming due, I do not anticipate any changes soon to make it fair for small business. Do you?
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