11:02 am, May 30, 2015

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  • The Big Lie
    Federal employees and the unions they belong to fall for this every election cycle, that the Dems are their friends. The fact of the matter is Dems are their friends when they aren't in power. Once they control the White House and Congress they suddenly get amnesia. Just take a look at Obama's first two years in office. His party had super majorities in both the House and Senate. He could have implemented any fed friendly policy he wanted without needing any GOP support. The one raise we got under Obama civilians didn't even get pay parity with the military for crying out loud. When was the last time the civilian workforce didn't get pay parity? Now we're about to enter the 3rd year of no pay raises. Yeah, the Dems are our friends all right? What a lie!
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  • Unlike Republicans who hate Feds ALL the time
    Just me
    Yeah Rob, Obama is not our friend while Dems are in power. The Republicans are constant...fixed as the north star in the heavens. Republicans hate Feds (and want to get rid of us) ALL the time. No exceptions. Ever.
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  • Dear Just,
    Obviously, you are a Democrat, probably a Liberal, who has the CNN mentality. Republicans don't hate Feds. I am a Fed and beyond my dislike for being blamed for our economic woes, I realize what the real situation is. Republicans want smaller government, that's what makes a person a Republican v. Democrat. Since you and your fellow Democrats obviously are emphatuated with bureaucracy, which is bigger government, the only way to fight you and your cohorts, is to do what reasonably is necessary to reduce the size of the Federal workforce. That includes, unfortunately, blame the big Federal payroll and the cost it involves on the Federal workforce. Therefore, they are in favor of pay freezes if they can't get the size down because more potential Feds will become Government Contractors or work private industry instead. Thus the best and brightest will not go into Federal Service. They will join you making your "big bucks" while the Federal worker gets maligned. One more point, the Federal payroll includes all branches of government, I believe. When you talk about the Federal workforce being overpaid, I think you need to look at the Congressional and Supreme Court staffers and all the political appointees of Mr. & Mrs. Obama, which has mushroomed in the past 4 years. If all of this means nothing to you, then at least I thank you for reading another person's opinion. That is so unlike a Liberal that I have to send you my sincerest thanks!
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  • Tempest ina Teapot
    Mike McMike
    All these people will vote for Owebama anyway.
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  • Start Respect by Treating Sebellius Equally
    One way this administration might start showing it has some respect for civil servants would be to apply their favorite word "fairness" to HHS Secretary Sebellius' proven violation of the Hatch Act. A civil servant either gets fired or suspended without pay for 30 days for a proven Hatch Act violation. OSC has found Sebellius guilty of breaking the law yet this administration says they are going to do nothing. Just another example of the hypocrisy of this administration when it comes to civil servants...and pretty much everything else. They want "fairness" only when they aren't the ones having to put up the "fair payment."
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  • I don't care what party
    you align with. Only someone who has been outside the country or just so anti-Republican that it doesn't matter who's running, can't see that Obama is promising anything but giving nothing. Do you folks think a second term would be any different? He and her highness Michele have used their position strictly for personal enrichment. They don't care as long they get your vote. All I ask is that you think about your own situation. Are you employed? Do you like getting government assistance, or would you rather be working for the money you receive? Think objectively is all I ask. Maybe Romney's Bain Capital sent jobs overseas. But what about Obama giving oil drilling rights to Royal Dutch Shell instead of an American Company. He paid billions to a foreign company to do exploratory drilling off Brazil for the US. What about GE sending jobs to China? Aren't they still paying off the stimulus money Obama is so proud of having handed out. Let's face it, a lot of American companies, supported by Romney, Obama, or who ever else are sending jobs overseas. We can't point the finger at either party without turning it around as well. But I digress. Obama, the do-nothing president. Are you happy? Doesn't it bother you that he's not involved in solving the debt crisis or anything other than saving the one thing he "accomplished" that only his "47%" were in favor of passing. Everyone think please!
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