10:44 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Need to get serious and start hiring within 30 days!
    OPM needs to get serious and start advising agencies how to hire within 30 days. There are a number of current options to hire federal employees within 30 days. Unfortunately, none of the federal HR experts at the OPM or any of the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs)or any of their HR Officers know how to go about developing and utilizing streamlined hiring inherent in federal hiring authorities. Even if they knew how, they apparently are not talking or sharing how to. Highlighted articles on streamlined hiring initiatives by the OPM are nothing more than revised versions of old hiring programs such as the Pathways program. Pathways program is a new name for the old student cooperative education program. A couple of changes to the old program does not make it a "new" program as proclaimed by the OPM. There is much lacking in the federal HR community today including leadership in being creative and innovative and results-oriented. A new report on the HR community reflects many if not most CHCOs have yet to develop effective workforce planning and succession plans or programs. This includes our largest agency with the highest graded and greatest mber of HR experts - the DOD. According to GAO's report, Interiork FEMA and DHS are two other agencies that have yet to develop an effective workforce planning and succession model. Ironically, fully automated programs were offered to these three agencies that would have done all the work, reports, projected needs, etc. for them within hours NOT DAYS OR WEEKS by an SDVOSBC two years ago. However, neither DOD, Interior, DHS or FEMA ever responded back. Bottom line: faster, more effective and efficient options for federal HR programs exist...
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