1:53 am, May 25, 2015

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  • the color of your glasses
    The people doing this analysis need to change the color of their glasses from rose to clear. For example they talk about the executive order to reduce regulations like it is progress, but ignore the fact that the executive orders (regulations) are at an all time high. More than all the executive orders by all the previous presidents together. There is nothing about most of the money going to white house favored recipients without any accountability. There is a comment about the IT data collection. It is for control and is not readily available to the public. Making it easier to get government jobs may seem good, but if the goal is to make everyone work for the government it is a negative. Nothing has been done by this administration to improve this country. Where is the investigative part of journalism? This effort seems to be, "How can I make this look good?"
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  • Real problem
    What does anything in the effort mean if there is no budget? Not once in 3 years has there been a budget to measure against. There are no valid criteria for the assessments. No budgets is the worst thing they can do to federal employees because there are no real jobs funded.
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