12:41 pm, May 23, 2015

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    Honest Broker
    How many companies have become dependent on Government contracts? How many contracts have been created under the guise of keeping Americans working? Why are we not tackling the real cost culprits? Manufacturing and technology outsourcing? Foreign infringement on US intellectual property rights? Medicare/Medicaid fraud? Welfare fraud? Paying for illegal immigrants and their children? Bloated contractor fees? Unnecessary contracts? And the list goes on. The politicians are too easily manipulated by money and perks, so they are ineffective but I seriously doubt they will abide the sequestration budget numbers. Since Government employees appear to be in small numbers and have little political clout, we are an easy target and I forecast we will have to be replaced by contractors. I do not think that will be enough money, so they will need to go after the next easiest target? I wonder which Govt program or office that will be? As for sequestration, it is not going to happen but needs to.
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