2:30 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Capitalism
    If I have my own company then what profit would it be if tax dollars goes towards civilian????? You still need certain amount of folks to run the country so why not eliminate the 2 million bloated govie workers. I would eliminate 500k of the federal work force so our country is now on a trimmed 1.5 mil vs. 2 million. Now for me to do this you gotta vote for me to be in office. Once i'm in office I will protect your guns and religion, and get rid of those pesky lazy federal workers. BTW the other 500k will be contracted to my company who will be paid twice as much as if they were civilians. You gotta love capitalism in this country. The tax pot is open for anyone to raid.
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  • Get rid of TSA
    Ron B
    I'm sick of getting fried by radiation or groped every time I fly. The "safe" backscatter x-ray is like getting 1000+ chest x-rays all at once. But according to Michael Chertof (who is now a lobbyist for the x-ray manufacturers), it's all safe. Not!
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  • Republicans, not so smart!
    Republicans deliver federal employees as red meat to their TEA BAGGIN’ simpletons – BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY are applauded by their corporate sponsors for helping lower labor costs. Anytime federal pay or benefits are reduced, it encourages corporate America to do likewise. Soon a ripple in the economy turns into a wave as companies try to increase the almighty profit margin. Greedy CEOs however fail to learn from history that such events reduces overall consumer buying power, which in turn will actually lower profit margins in the long term and lead to a deeper recession. This is why economists preach that a country must spend its way out of a recession and do not cut your way out. Obviously greed makes people stupid.
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  • Make my benefits like Boeing? HECK YA!
    Lisa Lisa
    I always find humor in elections. They all have found religion. Why they become so religious, they all should be submitted for Sainthood. Regular Robinhoods I tell you! Lies? They dont tell no stinkin lies..why whatever are you talking about? Memory? Psshhh! Ya well, thats what they are all counting on..that we forgot the last 15 years. Each election, new pitchforks are issued. But there is always the same pieces of meat on the grill at every election cycle..the federal employee and fed gov services. Now, I know this will be a shock to some..but..apparently (looking around in secret), we are operating our gov not of the 21st century.Shocking right? I know! Since the Reagan era, government has been asked to trim 5-10%. Now I am no Einstein, but I am pretty darn sure that if you keep slicing and dicing, services will diminish and backlogs start to appear. I am brilliant I tell you! And ..(looking around for big ears)..apparently, our benefits are that of what royalty receives.The story is, we are getting WAY WAY to big for our britches, living like rich folks high on the hog. WHy we are so pampered you would think our tax returns showed only paying 15% taxes.I mean, Boeing for instance, why is a gov contractor must not have very attractive benefits for their employees. I have a friend that works for them, and they just are so terrible. He teleworks and has a compressed work schedule. HE shares how he and his family are on 3 day weekend getaways all the time..the poor thing. Its AWFUL! He has health, vision. dental, flex spending accts, short& long term disablity insurance, pension and retirement plans which are 100% matched, they accrue vacation time EACH week and partial is pre-loaded, and they dont have to hear their bosses at the top talk badly of their employees like our lovely Repub congress. Now that the GOP has told the American public that a schelp fed gov employee like me to be inline more with the civilian sector... I can see the outcry and I can see where the fed gov needs to be mre in line with the civlilian sector..because we are modeling after Boeing right? I mean, they ARE civilian and they are contracted with the gov so that cant be all that bad..right?
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  • we need it...
    We need a dose of honesty...we got empty promises from the current admin...this was one of the most uplifting conventions ever. Romney Ryan are good honest people who want everyone to succeed. JOBS JOBS JOBS...now to cut the deficit we need to go back to pre 9-11 budgets and take a 3% rise for govt nothing more. No more wars in Iraq and Afghan. No more funding illegal aliens...no more spending money we dont have. stop the madness.
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  • Nothing New
    Pie in the sky and pep rallys are not going to fix what's wrong in this country. A lot of conversation with no substance. Sad thing is we keep falling for it.
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