4:50 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Social contract with younger generation
    The phased retirement will likely help me break the social contract with the younger generation, which wants my job. Unfortunately, due to financial pressures I will need to work longer than the 30 years, and thereby occupy a desk longer than I should, much like Walter Cronkite overstayed. (BTW, if you need an example of overstaying on the job look at Joe Paterno-sad).
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  • No problem with OPM
    I retired last Dec. 2011. and I too read all the stuff about OPM taking months to get a first retirement check, etc. But, it took them 8 weeks I believe to get my first check..so you do have to have some funds to live on for a few weeks...but if that prevents you from retiring then you have some other issues and maybe should keep working! But the good thing was that my anunity check was probably 95% of what my final anunity amount ended up. So, I had no problem waiting the 6 months it took to process it. Maybe I was just lucky.
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  • Yes, retirement is in my future
    Honest Broker
    With the US economy down due to greed in the many forms of outsourcing and toxic loans, the Federal employee has become a prime target to distract the American public from the real problems. My job used to challenge me technically and as a designer, but over the decades the corruption has become so blatant that I hate to go to work and witness it. I have watched supervisors bend over backwards to outsource the work, and then in turn retire and go work for that same company. They reward the employees willing to compromise their integrity and support this conflict of interest behavior. The contractors charge exorbitant fees, do not produce and then get more money. When you do finally get to build something, the procurement system takes too long and the customer shells out the extra bucks to outsource it just to get the material ordered. Was this by intentional design? Probably!! Based on the latest rhetoric and proposed bills from Capitol Hill (Republican and Democrat), they plan to reduce my pay further and take away benefits, and then take that money and go fund their contractor buddies to help pay back for their Super PAC contributions. My job would turn into a contract mill to keep shoveling that money and lie to the American public about what a good deal they are getting. When you push back and mention it is wrong, you will be demonized and punished severely. I finally qualify to retire with enough savings to live comfortably, so I am staying long enough to train my young replacements but then I am headed out the door. Yes I am tired of this mess, so it is time for me to retire, start my own business building things again, pray for the country, and maybe even become a political advocate for change. My hat is off to my fellow Federal employees that stick it out and try make a change, but the men in charge are working against you so good luck.
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