8:54 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Federal college recruiting
    I was particularly struck by the repeated comments that college placement officers and students crave more direct face-to-face contact with agency recruiters. This illustrates clearly that the erosion in agency recruiting skills - which dates as far back as the 1990s and the Clinton administration's large-scale downsizing then, with external intake slowing dramatically as a result - has yet to be overcome. Such direct contact with schools and students was always a sine qua non for any effective recruiting program prior to then. All the current glitzy technology, use of social media, and jejune promises of "hiring reform" of the Federal hiring process mean nothing without that human element. Unfortunately, many agencies seem to be relying on such "untouched by human hands" approaches, probably because they are seen as requiring fewer resources (and are also supposed to be "cool"), but the trend apparently contuinues to take the "human" element out of the human resources program. Very sad indeed.
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  • OPM is offering Recruitment Training
    The commenter above is correct in that we have been neglecting recruitment for a couple of decades. OPM is currently running pilots of training in DC that includes most of what is in this article and more. I was at one of the training sessions on Campus Recruitment and it was very good. The traing is for Hiring Officials and not just HR. I think OPM is calling it Recruitment Boot Camp and it will be out in FY 2013. The instructor said you can get more information on USAJOBSRecruit.gov. The training is free.
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