11:46 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • And please, all of you union members..
    keep paying your dues, because obviously, the unions are here for you! Look what they've done for you in the last few years alone! You can't beat that bargain.
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  • Pay dues, its working? What the heck its worth a shot
    Honest Broker
    With Postal workers getting hit hard along with other Government groups, I serious wonder if the dues money goes to the right people. I was going to join NARFE, but they seem to be ineffective too. You are probably right to recommend shelling out some dollars to your respective unions and hope they can provide some push back to Capitol Hill, but apparently Govt employees are an easy target. I guess we need to keep fighting.
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  • GREED (not always good)
    Anytime federal pay or benefits are reduced, it encourages corporate America to do likewise. Soon a ripple in the economy turns into a wave as companies try to increase the almighty profit margin. Greedy CEOs however fail to learn from history that such events reduces overall consumer buying power, which in turn will actually lower profit margins in the long term and lead to a deeper recession. This is why economists preach that a country must spend its way out of a recession and do not cut your way out. Obviously greed makes people stupid and Republicans excel at it!
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  • Average Worker Pay
    Milo Cook
    According to CNN Money, average worker pay across the United States has been 2.7 - 2.9% for the last THREE years. So the main argument I've heard - that we deserve a freeze because the economy is doing so poorly - is clearly not reflected in the pay of Americans. They are getting increases in pay every single year, on average, every year of this recession, while we not only have our pay frozen, we're not even being offered a raise anywhere comparable to the average U.S. worker. So Sarbanes is right - it's a piggy bank. It hasn't anything to do with "fairness".
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