5:35 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Glad I left DoD a few years ago
    Lisa Lisa
    WHEW! Life DOES improve after DoD-drastically. Not only do I NOT have to work for a bunch of over-ego'ed idiots who get paid WAY too much for making the most idiotic decisions, but gee, I actually got paid my worth. Last I left WHS, we were still working off of the IBM typewriter because we lacked fillable documents. Good riddens. Two years of DoD put such a bad taste in my mouth-I wouldnt work for that organization..EVER again. Sad because I went in thinking I was being a part of something great..working with military (which I did) aside from being able to serve military members and their missions, the management and that hierarchy..well..lets just say DoD needs to clean house of all of their GS-15, SES wanna bes whom act like spoiled divas that cant even muster making a cup of coffee because its way beneath them or they dont know how.
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  • You telling me
    Time Bandit
    I was laid off in 2010, I was a contractor and worked in the Team Sub group: PMS350-PMS394-PMS450 at the Navy Yard. I highly enjoyed working for the Navy, I still miss it. I don't miss getting up at 3:30am to catch the 5am VRE train out of Manassas, did this for 5 years but worked overall with the Navy for 10 years. I have seen so much redundancy on both the contracting and feds side, I have seen lack of brains when it came to dealing with classified material. After I left, I was so overjoyed when the Navy pulled the computer access my company had with the Navy databases. Where I work now is no where near what I was doing, not even close. I wouldn't mind going back because I felt a sense of pride, I took my job seriously and enjoyed it. Unfortunately others I worked with only cared about the $$$ they were making, not me, if I was making less, I'd still stay. It was about working for the Navy, that meant more to me than the money.
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  • DoD sequestration cuts would slam federal workforce....  (Flagged as Abuse)
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  • Republican Checklist
    Check getting rid of those pesky federal employees.
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  • maybe we can declare peace and bring the troops home?
    time to focus inward?
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  • Hmm, lay me off!
    Then I can file bankruptcy, live off of unemployment and welfare, and by the time my unemployment runs out...my retirement will start! Lay me off....PLEASE!!!!
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