10:24 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Budget
    The defense budget actually decreased under 8 years of the Clinton administration, but doubled under Bush and now up 14% under Obama. It was 3% of GDP when Bush took office, now 4.8%. Growth in defense spending must stop, but republicans refuse to discuss this pork. Instead of talking about who's getting laid off, let's discuss what valuable services might be lost and start prioritizing.
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  • Sort of One Sided
    Radar Tech
    Your analysis is sort of one sided. The democrats held the House, Senate, and Presidency for the first 2 years of Obama's administration - so how is excessive defense spending solely the fault of the republicans? In fact, why has the Obama administration increased defense spending at all, since he announced the end of hostilities in Iraq? The war in Iraq has long been over, why are we still there and why didn't defense spending go down under Obama? Why is Guantanimo still open? Why are we still giving money to Pakistan, after they hid Bin Laden for 5 years? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Both sides of the aisle are culpable for the mess we are in. Being myopic won't help get us out of the hole we have dug. By the way, the democrats never passed an Obama budget at all. Why is that if they are so keen on cutting the pork? They had total controll for 2 years and couldn't even pass a budget. Then, Obama, by executive order, froze our pay for 2.3 years! Our pay is about 0.5% of the budget and we were used for his political game. There have been no meaningful spending cuts in this administration. Just the opposite! Bush's spending was outrageous, but he was fighting two wars and trying to recover from the Dot Com bubble burst. Obama has DOUBLED Bush's spending, while ending one of the wars. How is that even possible? By the way, Obama and the congress also reauthorized warrantless wiretaps. The Patriot Act is in full force, too. So, quit being so one sided.
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