12:14 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • IG office
    Several very rotten apples do not make the entire orchard bad. However, the GSA is correctly a bit touchy when it comes to allegations of misconduct or wrongdoing. After all the taxpayers still remember the mess the folks at a certain Western REgional office created. Since I do not work for any government agency, I certainly expected that there were controls in place to prevent what happened at that regional meeting outside Las Vegas. As a non-government worker, I certainly expect that the GSA should have known and prevented the violations at that conference from happening. So I can certainly understand how the IG office might be a little over zealous now. Remember, to those of us not in federal service, it sure appeared that the watchdogs were not just asleep, but knocked out cold asleep in the past. We always need to remember that the vast majority of workers in both the government and private sectors are honest, hardworking people. However,the entire agency and government workers in general took a hit when the GSA scandal broke.
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  • More Silliness from the GSA IG
    Pardon me for commercializing, but in my book, "Confessions of a Government Man," I do a little spoofing of GSA's support of the travel industry and the workings of the IG. Now the IG is making a fool of himself without any help. What did he think the midnight raid was going to accomplish - maybe stopping a little cattle rustling? It's a good think nobody got shot over this ridiculous caper. For more commentary check out my You Tubes and Facebook page, which you can link through my website. www.thegovernmentman.com.
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