11:01 am, May 29, 2015

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  • The truth about IGs
    IG offices across govt do have some capable staff, but there are a number of rogue, unethical, and incompetent people as well -- especially at the senior levels, and in the investigations offices. The first problem is that IGs don't really report to anyone. Agency heads rarely challenge their actions because doing so looks self-serving. We've seen "Moose" Cobb leave NASA in disgrace, the FBI IG report $16 muffins last year that turned out not to be (if you can't do that right, how can you do big stuff?), and people like the Treasury IG sitting idly by as his Dept became ground zero during the worst economic downturn since the last Ice Age (did he say ANYTHING important during that whole episode, or did they have to add a new IG to the Dept to oversee TARP because they knew the Treasury IG was not up to the job? After all, the IRS is most of Treasury and they already have their own IG). Some IGs are solid, like Agriculture, HHS, and Interior. But IG investigators? Many are sheer amateurs with guns (none worse than Treasury IG if you read their long sad history online) who just enjoy the freedom that comes from not being accountable to anyone. And they get full retirement after only 20 years of work. These guys only make it harder for the good ones to do their important work. They are frequently more of a problem than the "bad guys" they are supposed to investigate.
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  • Overly aggressive GSA OIG investigator?
    Sounds as if the appropriate title for this affair might be "Much Ado About Nothing," but that's already been used by the Bard. (Maybe "A Tale from a Slow News Day" might have been more substituted.) Wow! An OIG investigator caused an interviewee to lose a litlle sleep while conducting his investigation. Especially given GSA's past poor record on holding conferences, I see nothing unconscionable in the investigator's actions. The claim that the investigator read the interviewee his Miarnda rights sounds highly unlikely at best, as all that was being done was to develop information regarding the conference being then held; there was no question of criminal charges being considered. Everyone needs to calm down and extract this tempest from GSA's teapot.
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  • So...in that situation, did Mr. Shea have the right to not even answer the door?
    Sunna W
    What rights do federal employees have in that situation? Just b/c someone flashes a badge? The IG didn't have a warrant, and Mr. Shea didn't even have to let him in the room. I guess b/c of this situation, more feds will look into what their rights actually are. I mean, are their rights protected at all? Can they refuse to talk and request that the meeting be reconvened once a lawyer is present? Not that Mr. Shea probably got any sleep that night after that... I kind of feel sorry for the guy. But not so much for the wanna-be G-man; this washed up, old, fat white dude is kinda hosed... what a public relations nightmare. Until now, I bet folks didn't even know that the IG could bust all up in your place.
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  • Inexcusable strong arm thug tactics
    What is this, Russia? For shame!
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  • Hotel?
    Big Joe
    The correct action would have been to call down to the front desk and ask for security citing a lunitic looking man pounding on my door. You don't have to open your door for anyone unless they have a warrant or probable cause. Sounds like this IG needs to back to the academy and re-learn how to be a law enforcement officer again..... On the snide side, looks like he got the donut part down pretty well.....
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