7:11 am, May 30, 2015

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  • GSA IQ needs to get a grip
    I have monitored the govt charge card program for over 20 years, through IMPAC to SmartPay. David Shea is acutely aware of and cares about the proper use of government funds. The GSA IG and his minions pounding on doors late at night is inexcuseable.
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  • GSA Tactics
    Please - hopefully intelligent people will not try to condone the poor and unprofessional behavior of what appears to be an overzealous, arrogant and misguided agent doing the bidding of his superiors and the Hill. Have I used hyperbole - yes; much as I believe those who questioned the conference and believed there was an instant need to check everything out exaggerated the immediate importance of their inquiry.I have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Shea - he has, without exception, communicated competence, professional and, for purposes of these comments, good manners. Others may debate the exactness of time but the impression left without question is that investigative authority was used in an arbitrary and capricious manner.I believe the manners of Joe Friday [Dragnet for those too young to recognize the reference] are preferable to those of Dirty Harry or Sly Stallone.
    The Mayor
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  • GSA IG
    I think the GSA IG is over-reacing and that Cong. Denham should step off, stop being a wanker, and do his job. He and Issa are looking for solutions to non-existent problems.
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  • Oh no
    Did some poor government worker miss his ride home at 4:30? Whaa whaa whaa.
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  • Brian Miller - The IG
    Mike McMike
    He is Government at it's hog-nosed worst! He has made a career out of being a thorn in the side of his agency and keeping their name in the mud. He, of all people, knew the Political Appointee misbehavior at PBS had NOTHING to do with the workaday employee. Yet he made the most possible hay out of it, leveraging it for more and more attention until the whole agency is now just assumed to be broken. This is not the first time. Miller is the poster child for what an IG should not be, How about looking at whether the agency is doing it's every day mission efficiently? How about using the same standards in contracting that everyone else uses and publishing writing down the interpretations that will get people into trouble. Not sensational enough. Miller needs to go.
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