2:46 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • How to win a Govt contract? DoD method, lobby politicians then offer retirement jobs
    Honest Broker
    Here's the successful steps I've seen work: 1) Lobby politician(s) and promise campaign donations and then offer paid speaking engagements at luxury locations and events after they retire (or before if legal). 2) Promise Pentagon Generals/Admirals plus staff nice 6-figure retirement jobs because you need their subject matter skills, so then they make sure the right group takes care of the contract. 3) Promise the Acquisition organization leading supervisors retirement jobs, so then their upward mobile people see a promotion opportunity and sign off on the contract. 4) Make it near impossible for the contract reviewing authority to put down an honest assessment for fear reprisal. 5) Oh I forgot the last big one. Do not let the acquisition organization perform a build or buy analysis to determine the long term costs. Definitely do not use Government employees to design and build the system from OEM components, because this will cut into the profits needed for financing steps 1-4 bribery trail and no politician will fight for the project funding. **Note-My hat is off to those trying to change it, but the process has been successful for several decades so with the SuperPACs do not expect it to change any time soon.
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