11:06 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • How in the world was this off the radar of Congress?
    Lisa Lisa
    I just dont get it. Seems there is some culpability by those members of "The Hill" that meet with GSA or do they? I know my small agency has to meet "The Oz" to report progress and assume to also beg for FY money. You know what our convention looks like? (and this is the god's honest truth). We have our "convention" in our parking garage (too hot in the summer for outdoors) and everyone brings a pot luck dish. Management usually springs out of pocket for the main courses: burgers and dogs and sodas that we grill outside of the garage. THATS IT! Our Christmas party looks similar except we hold it in our conf rm and its just pot luck. We get no convention..we cant even GO to a convention unless local and FREE. Our bonus is miniscule. You know, when you grow up poor you dont know your poor until someone comes along that has a mansion and pool for which then you can compare your standing. Its the same here. We had NO idea govt actually could do these things. And the bonuses? PSHHHH! We've been robbed! We had no idea anyone in govt was giving out bonuses...wasnt that supposed to go away at the time of the hiring freeze?
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  • When will they investigate excessive spending for training and travel?
    Training expenses are outrageous and for topics that are idiotic. I am not sure who is analyzing the training courses or who makes the decision. Just to name a couple of examples; my agency pays $5,000 to $10,000 per day on training. What kind of specialized training would justify that kind of training you ask? "Getting along with others", they flew in some old guy from Florida for this training, he told us during lunch that the contract was for $10,000.00 for that days training. Ridiculous, we learned nothing, it was stupid. We had taken the training to get a break or day off. Another thing they are not looking at is excessive attendance of conferences by senior managers. One person just went to Costa Rica, 5 star hotel, limo ride. Another, to Australia, 4 star hotel, taxi rides. Airline cost to Australia? $15,000.00. Seems outrageous but it's a business class ticket, round trip, refundable. All this still going on people.
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  • TSA Agent
    It sounds as if Darryl Issa would make a fine TSA agent. He'd also be able to wear a shiny badge which would help boost his self esteem.
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  • Wasteful Spending at Conferences
    Have it from a very good source that DOJ spent nearly the same in 2009 and 1010; and Homeland Security spends hundreds of thousands for regional meeting every month. You can't play golf or use the spar when you "Video Conference"
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