12:58 am, May 23, 2015

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  • We went to war over a lie
    the past administration put political pressure to mold their vision of an enemy who, though bad, did not attack the U.S. Now, successive administrations will be free to fire defense and intelligence personnel over not supporting an ideological belief. This will not bode well for careerists. Political appointees will now exert full control over facts and bend them (or ignore) to their master's will. Though I support the President, he did not do this country well by supporting this policy. The long term detriment to this nation will be felt. Facts will be changed to support a desired outcome and those who do not bend, will be fired. Government is not business. AT&T cannot declare war. What government can do has a profound impact and we are marching down the wrong road in politicizing national security even more than we already do. Everything is now politics. Nothing, not even the justice system is about "the people". It's now about ideology.
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